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On this page you can find the different products offered, as well as data sheets of each of them.

The Flitting-Sensor

Drone Champ Libre 2

The Flitting-Sensor-S3 is a Class E aircraft designed to adhere to new regulations concerning RPAs (Remotely Piloted Aircraft). Commonly, UAV-UAS-drones are unmanned aircraft with navigation and tasks managed by an on-board computer.
Our RPA, FS-S3, is controlled in real-time by a remote operator via a triple-redundancy-secured wireless connection.
Our drone can be equipped with a multitude of payloads: cameras for snapshots and videos, thermal cameras and multiple sensors for analysing thermography. WorkFly responds to the needs of the client by making the payload custom-tailored to their needs.


The Flitting-Sensor-S3 is made up of two main parts, the Flight part and the Floor part.
The Flight part comprises the Vector and all its accessories (Battery Packs, Payloads, Protection…).
The Floor part is made up of the Ground Station with its control interface which allows for interaction with the drone and also includes a set of chargers.
The Flitting-Sensor-S3 system works using the principle of contrarotation. This, along with other operating principles (multi-rotors, tethered balloons), allows for:


Station Sol

-    greater flight safety

-    enhanced security

-    a high load capacity

-    excellent battery life

-    better resistance to high winds and turbulence

-    a high reactivity due to its slim design


Flitting-Sensor en quelques chiffres

Communication :
Endurance :
Range :
Diameter :
Engine :
Sealing :
Parachute :
Control :

Payload :
Maximum payload :


Centimetre precision with RTK.
Precision Inertial Measurement Unit.
Full Duplex RF triple redundancy.
< 4 Kg.
30 minutes.
1 Km (without GSM option).
110 cm.
Electric, brushless motor.
In case of GPS loss.
Semi-automatic control via joystick.
Control via waypoints.
Gyrostabilised platform and Plug and Play.
Max payload of 1 kg.




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Drone & WorkFly's news

    • AUVSI Las Vegas
    • From the 6th to the 9th of August 2012, the AUVSI fair was held in Las Vegas.
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    • Regulatory News about UAV in France
    • Since April 2012, France issued a legislation to regulate the work of civilian drones.
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    • Workshop of unmanned aircraft Jan. 30, 2012 (DGAC)
    • From late 2011 to early 2012, a workshop was held with the DGAC and various actors in the field of UAVs.
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    • Flight in translation
    • WORKFLY is pleased to show you a video of his last drone Flitting-Sensor during a demonstration.
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    • Flight in contact
    • For the first time, you may see a drone coming closer to a structure and even touch without being damaged.
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    • AUVSI show
    • Once more, WorkFly will be on AUVSI show at Washington DC. Will make flight demonstration of the "Flitting-Sensor", the mini-drone designed and produced 100% by WorkFly, electronic software, integrated payloads, HMI and mechanical included. Every day between 2pm and 4pm, will show you how can fly our drone. Normally, we use GPS for pilot assistance but exceptionally, because it's a take place indoor, it will be manual. We will welcome you on booth UBIFrance (1726). Please contact us now to set up a meeting together during the show. We will call you back to fix an appointment
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    • BestOF Civic Drone's videos
    • Civic Drone is pleased to introduce you to a BestOF flights made in 2013 that includes a comparison to the predecessor Flying-Sensor. We wish you a pleasant viewing experience.
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    • The International Paris Air Show, 2013
    • WORKFLY attended the International Paris Air Show, which was held from 17 to 23 June 2013.
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    • Declaration on S3, expected return in a few days
    • WORKFLY is waiting for its various declarations to the DGAC to engage fully in the different scenarios. The return is expected within days or even weeks
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    • Pilot training on workfly's drones
    • This summer, Civic Drone has started Pilot Training with the Microlight licence and WorkFly's certificate.
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    • They talk about us
    • On 24 June 2013, the chain Xerfy published an article on civil UAV in France citing several companies which WORKFLY example in the field of technical work. This topic shows the growing interest of the media and political parties on the UAV market in France. People are becoming increasingly aware of the presence and use of drones in different sectors.
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    • Back to AUVSI show in Washington
    • As stated earlier, WORKFLY participated in the International Exhibition of drone AUVSI in Washington. In the latter, Civic Drone could expose his drone, the Flitting-Sensor and show its benefits to many people on the stand.
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    • Civic Drone gives his vision for the future of drones
    • WORKFLY, through its President and Vice President, M.GUILHOT Michel and Edouard, was interviewed by Atlantico, information website. They gave their views on the future of UAVs and possible fields of application aside the controversial field of "military".
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    • Civic Drone and the french TV M6 tells us more about drone use in urban context
    • A french teenager flew above the city of Nancy and recorder a promotional film of it. But he was not allowed by the french Aerial and Security Office. The french TV M6 asked Civic Drone to explain more the legal context for the use of UAV in cities
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    • Civic Drone and the french TV M6 tells us more about drone use in urban context
    • A french teenager flew above the city of Nancy and recorder a promotional film of it. But he was not allowed by the french Aerial and Security Office. The french TV M6 asked Civic Drone to explain more the legal context for the use of UAV in cities
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    • Civic Drone attends the AUVSI Show 2014 in Orlando
    • Civic Drone welcomes you on its booth at AUVSI Show 2014 in Orlando. Major event for the UAV sector, we hope to see you there.
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    • The newspaper "La Dépêche du Midi"
    • Civic Drone was near Toulouse a few days ago to show the efficiency of its UAV, with a 25 mph (40km/h) wind ! The press was also present.
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    • Civic Drone in "La Dépêche du Midi"
    • Edouard Guilhot answers the few questions of the French newspaper "La Depeche du Midi" about our drone.
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    • Visit us at AUVSI 2014, Orlando 13-15th of May
    • This year, the UAV tradeshow takes place in Orlando, Florida. Only the best UAV constructors are there. Civic Drone is at the booth n°2563 and ready to welcome you.
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    • Presentation event of the Civic Drone projects
    • Next week, we will present during two sessions (Monday and Thursday) our next projects and an offer for the interested people who would like to invest in a fast development business.
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    • BFM interviews Civic Drone about UAV sector
    • Edouard Guilhot was interviewed by the TV Channel "BFM Business" to talk about the possibilities of the UAV industry.
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    • Civic Drone in Eurosatory 2014
    • Eurosatory is one of the biggest event for defence and security. Civic Drone will participate to this event as an exhibitor
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    • Civic Drone interviewed by BFM TV
    • Pourquoi WORKFLY s'appelle désormais Civic Drone ?
      Écoutez la réponse de Edouard Guilhot sur BFM Tv dans les ateliers numériques 
      BFM : 08/11 - Atelier Numérique - 17h-18h
      Why we are called now Civic Drone ?
      Listen to Edouard Guilhot interviewed by BFM Tv 
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    • Civic Drone interviewed by L'Express
    • Civic Drone, interviewed by the french magazine L'Express
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    • We were at Starburst Accelerator!
    • Moments of interaction between Civic drones and particpants of the first edition of Starburst Accelerator in Paris.
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    • The retrospective video of a demonstrations day
    • The 12th March 2015, Civic Drone presented several demonstrations and presentations with his parner CNPP concerning safety and security applications. This video is only available in French for now, but you can still watch the movie.
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    • And finally, a part of our team in picture!
    • We all took some minutes of our time to do a picture together (a part of the technical and commercial team).
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    • Meet us at AUVSI 2015
    • We are currently at AUVSI 2015.
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    • Spotted at French TV News
    • Today , we had a coverage in the 2 most popular TV News in France (TF1 & France2) about our sterilization missions on Gulls' eggs in Normandy.
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    • AUVSI 2015
    • Civic Drone on the Association for Unmanned Vehicle Systems International (AUVSI) forum in 2015
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    • Civic Drone on the Bourget Forum 2015
    • Civic Drone was present on the 51 Aerospace and International Show of the Bourget in Paris. We presented to the profesionnel sector our - Flying-Sensor-S3 Drone - Our ground station with its HMI software IHM - All the missions we can realize
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    • Drone tackle Carnivorous Seagull invasion
    • French seaside town brings in drone to tackle 'carnivorous' seagull invasion
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    • FrenchWeb interview Edouard Guilhot
    • A journalist team of Frenchweb interview Edouard Guilhot, CEO of CIVIC DRONE, on the topic: "How to build a civil drone?"
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    • National Gendarmerie interviews Civic Drone
    • It's been a few years since the French military police is experimenting with drones, these remotely piloted aircraft using joysticks equipped with joysticks. Specialized start-ups have identified new opportunities and financial stakes of these devices on internal security. Among them, Civic Drone, company based in Montreuil (Seine-Saint-Denis) was interviewed by the French military police
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    • La Gendarmerie nationale interview Civic Drone
    • La gendarmerie nationale s'intéresse de très près à Civic Drone pour changer sa façon de travailler
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    • BFM : Civic Drone to control the speed limits on the highway
    • Drones, new weapon of road safety This is one of the measures announced Friday by Manuel Valls. A call for tenders was launched to equip the forces of drone order. Speed, driving behavior, drones will be experienced current 2016 to detect risky behavior.
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